Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Druid Karma

Way back in the 1.0-something days, one of my first alts was a Druid. He was fun, but back then Druids were painful to level. Cat Form was a total waste and Bear Form was nowhere as good as it is now. Boomkins were not even an option. Needless to say, I gave up on him.

Over the years, several more Druids were born and abandoned. I never really liked Cat Form, for some reason. I'm not terribly fond of the Balance spells, either. I just filed Druid under "classes I'll never level" alongside Priest and Mage.

Well, a couple weeks ago, BBB posted a bit of awesome that rekindled that old flame.

That weekend, I rolled up a new Druid, Drux, finally ditching the name I've used for the past 7 or 8 failed Druids, thinking that would help break the cycle.

The next week, what do I see? NEW DRUID FORMS! I take this as a sign from the Heavens to continue with Drux. I'm rather partial to the brown-and-green model, myself.

Yes, inspired by BBB, I'm leveling as a Bear. An offensive Bear, but a Bear nonetheless. I figure if I spec solidly into Feral and gear for Strength and Crit, I can be rather effective. Not as much offense as a Cat, not as much defense as a true Bear, but a nice combination of the two.

Of course, now I'm on that brutal doubleheader of the Poison and Sea Form quests.



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