Wednesday, February 4, 2009

T's Death Knight Guide

DISCLAIMER: This guide is not updated to 3.1 yet. Please be patient.

This guide, in keeping with my mission statement, is designed for casual players. If you're just starting out, or are a bit confused how to play this fancy new Hero Class, then this guide is for you. It may not be as in-depth as some other sites out there, but I feel it is a very good starting resource.

Chapter 1: Basics
1-1: Roles and Resources *3.1
1-2: Stats, Presences and Runeforging *3.1

Chapter 2: Spells
2-1: Basic Spells *3.1
2-2: Talented Spells *3.1

Chapter 3: Talents
3-1: Blood Talent Builds *3.1
3.2: Frost Talent Builds
3.3: Unholy Talent Builds
3.4: Hybrid Talent Build

Chapter 4: Combat
4.1: Basic Combat ***READ ME FIRST***
4.2: Blood Rotation
4.3: Frost Rotations
4.4: Unholy Rotation

I'd like to thank the forum communities at WoWHead, MMO Champion and Elitist Jerks. They are excellent sources of information and were invaluable in the creation of this guide.



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