Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nerd Life: Sam's Top 10 Anime, Part 1 (10-6)

Welcome to Nerd Life! This is a new weekly post where I can explore all of my off-topic tendencies, and keep the weekday posts WoW-related.

I'm constantly being asked for anime recommendations. Of the many areas of geekdom where I've invested skill points, anime is one of the highest.

So, let's kick off Nerd Life with a countdown of some of my favorite series. Here's numbers 10 through 6.

10: Gundam Wing/00

This is more nostalgia than anything. After a few years of not watching anything Japanese, an amazing thing happened. My cable provider finally got Cartoon Network, and I could watch Toonami again for the first time since Voltron was part of the lineup. While there were plenty of awesome shows on at the time, Gundam Wing was the one that reminded me of just how awesome anime was.

I'm including 00 in here because it's considered my many, including myself, to be the spiritual successor to Wing. It ALSO happens to be the best Gundam series since the original.

9: Vision of Escaflowne

I'm not using the opening theme for a very important reason. At first glance, this series seems very... girly. The first episode is all about Hitomi trying to get her first kiss. It gets better. Trust me, this video shows just how awesome it can be.

FOX Kids tried to adapt this for American boys, and butchered it in the process. It got canceled after about 5 episodes, covering the first 9 or so actual anime episodes. They completely removed the first episode, leaving many viewers confused right off the bat.

8: Trigun

This anime helped make Adult Swim a hit. One of the few smart moves they made. Vash the Stampede is one of the greatest hero characters ever.

7: Martian Successor Nadesico

"You Get to Burning" has got to be the catchiest opening song of any anime. It also shows how many Japanese THINK they have a good understanding of English: "Go being your days grow up!" Anyway, Nadesico is best viewed by those with anime experience, as it is a satire more than anything else. However, amidst the humor, there's good drama and great action. All the characters are brilliant, from the hyperactive captain to the reluctant pilot to the greatest hero, Gai Daigoji.

Gekiganger owns.

6: Neon Genesis Evangelion

One of the most famous series ever created. Any modern anime fan has to watch this. It's awesome for about 22 episodes. After that, you can pinpoint the EXACT moment Gainax ran out of money in the budget. There are 2 movies, but after some awesome action sequences, they do nothing more than make the plot even more incomprehensible. Even still, it's required viewing.

Check in next week for the top 5.



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