Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Calm Down!

Another short one today. Then again, most of my posts seem to be a bit long-winded, so this may be for the best.

Look around the web and you'll find hundreds, thousands, nay BAJILLIONS of people complaining about how Patch 3.1 will destroy the game.


This is why I don't comment on patches until they're live.

FIRST, if it's not live, it's not final. This is why these things are tested. Anything is subject to change. Heck, less than a week later, they've already scrapped the non-consumable ammo idea.

SECOND, it's not even the full patch notes. It's just a list of changes they're trying to implement. It's not even on the PTR yet. Right now, all the ranting and raving and yes, even Theorycrafting is nothing more than conjecture.

THIRD, since it's not full notes, and it's not even up for testing, this patch is AT LEAST 2 months away. Play the game you have now. Leave the rest of us with sense alone.



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