Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Affliction DPS: Fresh 80

So, I decided to try a DPS test as a fresh level 80 Warlock.

Let's take a look at my stats.

Further breakdown:
10.7k Health, 8.8k mana
62 Hit Rating (Plus Suppression)
147 Crit Rating
3.42% Haste
9 MP5

This is entirely self-buffed with:
Fel Armor, talented with Demonic Aegis
Fel Intelligence, talented with Improved Felhunter
Grand Spellstone

I'm wearing Northrend greens, mostly in the mid-70s range, with a few blue tailoring and rep items.

None of my gear is enchanted, with the exception of my self-made Sanctified Spellthread.

The only DPS-enhancing glyphs I'm using are Corruption and Shadow Bolt.

Finally, my talent build is still optimized for solo-play, not Max DPS. My armory link is off to the left there.

I ran a 3 minute long test against the REGULAR Level 80 Training Dummy, with no debuffs other than my own. No Heroic-quality gear, no Heroic-quality dummy!

With all that out of the way, what are we looking at?

That's over 1600 DPS, 1800 counting the puppy.


I was using Curse of Elements, talented with Malediction. Since I don't plan on raiding, I can't count on others to bring that debuff. Additionally, I'm too much of a noob to add another DoT into my rotation. I tried it, it wasn't pretty.

Of course, I COULD have done better. My DoT uptime was not optimal. I let Haunt drop a couple of times. I didn't always have a double stack of Shadow Embrace up. However, this should be a good indicator of the average fresh level 80 Affliction Warlock. Affliction is VERY tough to play, and I wasn't even running with a DoT Timer in this test to help out, as I'm sure many non-raiding 'Locks do not. I did, however, give it a few practice runs, which any player SHOULD do.

At no point did I ever run out of mana, and I finished the 3 minutes with full health. Haunt and Siphon Life are enough to keep you topped off while Life Tapping. Of course, if you're taking group damage, heals and the odd Dark pact will help, as well.

This is by no means my way of saying YOU should do this DPS. This is not e-peen waving. I just want to show what others should expect to see immediately after hitting 80 with a little practice. Your mileage may vary. I will be giving further DPS updates as my gear (and hopefully play) improves.



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