Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Affliction 3.1

Okay, let's get this patch going!

First of all, here's my build.

Yes, it's full of fail, but it's what I'm rolling with right now, and it works WONDERFULLY for my purposes.

Tier 1
Improved Curse of Agony: 0/2 I prefer CoElements, so these points are better spent elsewhere. Great talent for full-DPS, though.
Suppression: 3/3 Now affects all schools of magic, not just Affliction. Extra efficiency is icing.
Improved Corruption: 5/5 Duh. Corruption is Affliction's best spell.

Tier 2
Improved Curse of Weakness: 0/2 If this is your dedicated Curse in a raid, go for it. Otherwise, unnecessary.
Improved Drain Soul: 2/2 More mana is always a plus. Threat isn't as much of an issue as it used to be, but it never hurts to have threat-reduction in PUGs.
Improved Life Tap: 0/2 Nothing wrong with this talent. I just don't have any need for it, currently.
Soul Siphon: 2/2 A must-have for Drain Tanking. Also big DPS win for Drain Soul on mobs under 25%.

Tier 3
Improved Fear: 0/2 PVP talent.
Fel Concentration: 3/3 Another must-have for Drain Tanking.
Amplify Curse: 0/1 More of a PVP talent, in my opinion. PVE Warlocks will have enough haste to make this not worth a point.

Tier 4
Grim Reach: 0/2 I never understood this talent. Why would I want extra range on my Affliction spells, but have to run in to fire Shadow Bolts?
Nightfall: 2/2 My favorite talent in the game. SHADOW TRANCE
Empowered Corruption: 3/3 More Corruption damage is always good.

Tier 5
Shadow Embrace: 5/5 NOW is when Affliction starts to get really good.
Siphon Life: 1/1 No longer a castable spell, but rather rolled in to Corruption. Extra healing + more Corruption damage + easier rotation. I support this change.
Curse of Exhaustion: 0/1 More PVP. Didn't get the prerequisite, so obviously not taking this.

Tier 6
Improved Felhunter: 2/2 Your Felhunter becomes a great mana battery. Also juices up his tasty buff. Granted, in a group with a Mage/Priest, this talent becomes less useful.
Shadow Mastery: 5/5 Get those Fire spells out of here!

Tier 7
Eradication: 3/3 This was nerfed in 3.1 to proc less and for a shorter duration. I still love it, though. When it procs, it's a huge DPS boost.
Contagion: 5/5 Affliction just keeps stacking damage buff on top of damage buff.
Dark Pact: 1/1 Sure, Life Tap scales and is better overall. However, I still like keeping this around for situation when you don't want to sacrifice health.

Tier 8
Improved Howl of Terror: 0/2 Again, PVP.
Malediction: 3/3 Spell damage? Okay. CRIT?! We'll get to that in a second.

Tier 9
Death's Embrace: 5/5 Many specs have a talent like this, now. Affliction really benefits from it, since we haven't been strong finishers, traditionally. Other classes can blow their mana at the end of a fight, but Affliction just keeps steady.
Unstable Affliction: 1/1 MORE DOTS!!!
Pandemic: 1/1 Here's that crit! This talent was overly complicated in 3.0, but now it makes sense. I never noticed the boost before, but now you KNOW when it procs. Favorite change of the patch.

Tier 10
Everlasting Affliction: 5/5 One of the coolest new talents of the Wrath Era.

Tier 11
Haunt: 1/1 There are still Warlocks out there that skip this because it doesn't do much damage. The debuff is what this is all about. 20% extra DoT damage. Duh.

From here, I prefer to go Demonology for the stat boosts and Demonic Aegis. Yes, this makes my build very FAIL.

I will explain my decision... THURSDAY.

Edit: Thursday has come and gone. Please read this post. I'm not really that fail.


Syrana said...

I'm intrigued about the demo points. But seriously, if your build works for you, then how can it be fail? :P


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