Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Create Your Own Azeroth: Stand Your Ground

This is a continuation of last week's post from WoW Druid.

The story originally started in Create Your Own Azeroth: Prelude right here at Hardcore Casual.

Stand Your Ground

Corrigan would like nothing better than to ensure the safety of the refugees. However, should their defenses fall, The Scourge would waste little time in running them down. No, the best way to help everyone is to stand his ground.

Corrigan makes his way to the center of the line. He whispers a few prayers to lift the spirits of his men. He reaches deep into his spirit to summon his devotion. Scourge strikes suddenly miss their marks, deflected by some unseen force.

Inch by inch, step by step, his soldiers gain ground. It is a long, brutal battle. It takes every ounce of Corrigan's focus to maintain his men. Wounds must be healed, spirits must be lifted, the exhausted refreshed. The day drags on and on.

As the sun descends and the day turns to dusk, Corrigan's vision falters. He stumbles, the taste of dirt, steel and blood filling his mouth.

When his eyes next open, Corrigan once again finds himself in his tent. None of its previous disarray can be seen. Rondrey pokes his head through the entrance. "Good, lad. Yer awake. Just in time, too. Wyrmbane's here to see ya."

Corrigan tries to rise but his muscles cramp. The best he can manage is to halfway lean on his side.

"Stay in your bunk, Paladin. You've earned your rest. The Light only knows how you and this ragtag unit of yours survived that assault."

"We... survived?"

"Yes, soldier. Many good men lost their lives, but in the end, The Scourge withdrew."

"Commander, the civilians?"

"All safe behind the walls of Wintergarde Keep."

"So, I am to be stationed in Wintergarde now?"

"No, Corrigan. It is no longer your responsibility to protect those people. The 7th Legion will ensure their safety. No, son, your next assignment is to go on the offensive."


Our story has ended for now. We will return with further tales of Corrigan and other heroes across Azeroth and beyond.

Interested in participating? Check out our message board. Always looking for more authors.


Syrana said...

Corrigan, luck and Light were on your side... this time!


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