Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Warrior 16

First of all, finally reached Valiant at the Argent Tournament.

The Valiant quests are a bit more fun than the Aspirant ones. Fighting the other Valiant NPCs is fun. Each one uses slightly different tactics. Make sure to head over to the opposite faction's Valiant ring to get the Lance A Lot achievement. Also, the Scourge jousters for the At Enemy's Gates quest are no joke. Running down their skeleton lackeys never stops being fun, though.

Now then, a little more Icecrown for you guys.

What's this for?

What's in the dome?


The Infra-Green technology allows the goblins to have hidden bases in Icecrown. Tricky little things, those Goblins. Only one quest up here, though.

Seems simple enough

Wow, this one takes a little getting used to. You have 3 modes on this plane. One to drop bombs, one for air-to-air and one for damage control. You have to switch between the three for the bombing run, and it becomes a little overwhelming. Tons of fun, though. If you get shot down, they come pick you up and fly you right back. Unlocks dailies afterward.


A cool little series of quests. You start by taking control of a shade. WoW's first stealth mission! Metal Gear Solid 5: Scourge of the North

Nice... eye...

Next step has you taking control of a Geist. This guy is awesome. He jumps better than Mario and takes no damage from falling, so feel free to hop around like a maniac while wreaking havoc on the Scourge.

The raising of Sindragosa

Their next match will be in a steel cage

The creepy ghost kid continues educating you about Illidan's power. Now, to exploit his weakness.


A noob no longer!



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