Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Warrior 15

More Icecrown!

I could start my own basketball team

Ebon Blade Prisoners. Lots of quests out here for Ebon Blade.


They sure make them ugly out here.

I shouldn't have eaten lunch today

Well, he wasn't exactly pretty alive, either

He wins

Okay, no more horribly disgusting images. This questline is... disturbing. Fun, but just gross. In a good way.

Introducing the Necromancer class

He's Gone to Pieces, the most hilariously wrong quest I've ever done.

Hey, it's that guy again

My best Emperor Palpatine impression

I wonder where it leads?

Double-yoo tee eff?

I'm not going to explain this one. You'll have to figure it out for yourselves.

Hey, it's that... me?

Army of the Damned, in which we discover why we stand no chance against The Lich King.

Some good progress this weekend.

Honored with Knights of the Ebon Blade is very easy to get in Icecrown. This got me:


I also got to 415 Tailoring, which lets me make the blue-quality cloths. One nifty little perk I hadn't anticipated is that my Shadoweave Tailoring specialization from Burning Crusade allows me to make TWO Ebonweave per attempt. Now, I wonder if I can make all the Ebonweave I want, and then switch specializations, since the gear does not require a certain spec. Although, I seem to remember that the Tailoring specializations were not untrainable back in BC.

Icecrown continues on... next week...



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