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Create Your Own Azeroth: Patience

This is a continuation of Create Your Own Azeroth: The Hammer from Casual WoW.

The story originally started in Create Your Own Azeroth: Prelude right here at Hardcore Casual.


The Death Knight stands in the middle of the road, his cold smile mocking Corrigan. "So, the Alliance is still the home of mighty heroes. I had begun to think all their best were either hiding under mountains or in the employ of my master. Come, Paladin, face me so I can see the power of your 'Light.'"

Corrigan hefts his mace and takes a step outside what is left of the gates. Once again, Rondrey holds him back. "Ye cannot do it, lad. You're the only thing holding this host back. If you fall, the day is lost."

"But if I can defeat him, perhaps the rest will fall back."

"And if you don't?"

"Thank you for your confidence. He is only one Death Knight. I feel the Light strongly today, it will not fail me."

"He is not one Death Knight. He is one Death Knight with a thousand Ghouls and unknown other horrors at his side. Don't ye see it, lad? This attack may have been launched to wipe us out, but now the Lich King has other plans. He wants YOU, and do ye really think he'll fight fair to achieve his goal?"

"Once again, old friend, your advice rings true. Where would I be without you?" Corrigan steps back. "MEN! These next minutes will define our lives. I want anyone who can lift a sword on those walls. We will not fall this day. Rondrey, fall back and keep as many of our remaining soldiers in the battle as possible."

"As you command, sir. If I may say, it is good to see ye in charge again. It suits you, boy."

"Staying alive suits me, but thank you."

As the priest walks away, he shouts back over his shoulder, "Where would ye be without me, lad? Probably living in that floating citadel to the East!"

The Death Knight growls, seeing his plan fail. He points his sword, a wicked weapon, at Corrigan. "Before this day is through, you WILL be ours. Kill them all."

Gargoyles appear over the treeline. With unholy speed, they pluck defenders from the battlements. Abominations crash through the walls to Corrigan's side. Their high ground lost and their flanks broken, the remaining defenders do not last long. Before Corrigan can respond, Scourge come flooding in his direction. It is all he can do to stay alive. He crushes any who get within range of his hammer, but soon finds himself falling back. In short order, he is surrounded, with a half dozen soldiers and Rondrey at his back.

"This not be good. Perhaps I should have let you go. This plan surely was a folly."

"We were doomed from the start."

"Dunna blame yersel-" A hook suddenly explodes from Rondrey's throat. The Abomination that threw it tries to yank the Priest's lifeless body back to it, but Corrigan grabs hold.

"No! NO! NOOOOOOO!" Corrigan swings his hammer, smashing the chain to pieces. He lays friend's corpse on the ground, weeping. Can I protect anyone? As the thought crosses his mind, Corrigan feels a surge of energy. His hands move of without his command and strike his hammer to the ground. Waves of Holy energy radiate from his body, slamming into the attackers, searing the flesh from their bones. Crisping their bones, until nothing remains but ash.

Silence washes over the yard. After what seems an eternity, Corrigan hears the crunch of boots on gravel. "Impressive, Paladin. Too bad your efforts will prove futile."

"Futile, Death Knight? It would appear the Light wishes us victorious this day. If you'll look around, you'll find yourself outnumbered."

"Outnumbered? HA!" The Death Knight's laugh is a disturbing sound, empty of any humor. "The Lich King's servants are never outnumbered on the battlefield. Behind you."

Corrigan turns in time to see the last of his soldiers cut down.

Cut down with Alliance longswords.

The Death Knight resurrected his fallen as Ghouls. Ghouls who were now turning in his direction.

Turning back to the Death Knight, Corrigan finds Rondrey standing before him. He drops to his knees, his hammer falling to the ground. "End it, I can withstand this madness no longer."

The last thing Corrigan sees before it all goes dark is Rondrey, his head nerely severed from his wound, reaching toward Corrigan's neck. His still-warm fingers grip tightly and Corrigan hears the Death Knight's unnatural laugh fill his ears.


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Snug said...

T_T I had no idea he was going to die, shocked is all I can say.

Now if only i could /cast Resurrection.. - /clap!


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