Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Create Your Own Azeroth: Prelude



A voice.


"Who's there?"


"Sylphine? Is that you?"


"Where are you? I can't see anything?"


"No! Come back!"


"I'm sorry... I tried..."


"Syl... Sylphine. I couldn't protect you."


Light. Blinding light.

"Blast it Corrigan, wake up!"

Corrigan growls, "Light take you, Rondrey, I told you not to wake me unless the Scourge were burning down the gates." Through one groggy eye, Corrigan glimpses the old priest picking his way through the shambles of his tent, carefully making a point not to notice the empty rum bottles strewn about the floor.

"That may well be the better option, old friend. Seeing as they are."

Any exhaustion remaining to drag Corrigan back into his nightmare vanishes. Despite the alcohol, Corrigan is a soldier, and soldiers do not remain in bed when lives are in danger. "What is our status?"

"Poor, nearing catastrophic. We're undermanned as it is. The walls are holding, but I doubt for much longer. The gate will be breached before the sun reaches its apex. We are trying to evacuate the civilians, but the Scourge have set up ambushes. They seem to be intent on ensuring nobody makes it out alive."

"What do you suggest I do?"

"I SUGGEST you get yourself armored up and out of this tent for once. There are boys fighting out there who haven't even seen the commander they're dying for. This may very well be our last day on Azeroth, and I certainly would not want to spend it hungover in bed. So, leader, get out there and LEAD. I must go now. I have lives that I must attempt to save."

As the priest leaves, Corrigan rises from his sheets. His armor is polished and prepared, waiting for him on its rack, unused in the months he has been stationed here in Dragonblight. His fingers operate on their own, quickly fastening pieces and tightening straps. Corrigan has practiced this many times in his years of service, and is glad for it, for his head is still not clear.

Before leaving, Corrigan hesitates. He is unable to decide between his Hammer, his Shield and his Libram.

There are so many things I must do. I can't be everywhere at once. In what way can I best serve the Light?


If you choose the Hammer, Corrigan will stand and fight, holding the gates against the Scourge attackers. For this option, go to Casual WoW.

If you choose the Shield, Corrigan will command his soldiers to hold the walls for as long as they are able, while he protects the civilians during their escape. For this option, go to Killing 'em Slowly.

If you choose the Libram, Corrigan will not actively engage the Scourge. Instead, he will use the Light to heal and support his soldiers, so they can better defend the town. For this option, go to Sideshow and Syrana.

The story will continue on those blogs NEXT WEDNESDAY, April 15th.

Interested in participating? Check out our message board. Always looking for more authors.


Fulguralis said...

Woot! K, now I'm actually excited. This is going to be fun.

Syrana said...

*eyes dazzle*

Oooh the possibilities!

Samodean said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it.

I know I can do even better with some more practice writing.

Snug said...

I've decided to read these parts and comment my thoughts! Or at least..some part of them ._.;

The foundation of it all, you have built a good one kind sir. =P

Now one question, the race of these characters..I'm still unsure as to what they are xD.

Samodean said...

Yeah, bit of a mistake on my part. Syrana asked in an email and Corrigan's Human. Rondrey wasn't created with a particular race in mind, but Byaghro made him a dwarf, so I guess we're rolling with that!

Ithiel said...

heh.. that was fun ^.^

Just posted my part 4:

We should do another one :-)

alliance leveling guide said...

Oh I read a lot of these kind of books where you can decide what to do in the past. Lots of fun.


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