Sunday, April 5, 2009

Weeknd Warrior 14

Icecrown: The Final Goal

The Skybreaker

Icecrown is so infested with Scourge that the Alliance is unable to gain any ground. So, the major "town" in Icecrown is an airship.

Can someone explain to me how that thing stays airborne? I never trust Gnome Engineering.

What level do I have to reach to be tall?

The Ebon Watcher is none other than Darion Mograine. There is some interesting dialog between Mograine and Fordring regarding the differnece in tactics between The Argent Crusade and The Knights of the Ebon Blade.


Oh, the lengths you'll go to in order to save this Crusader.

First Remulos

Then Alexstraza

Finally all the way to A'dal

Lots of traveling to do, but it pays off with a very cool scene.

What is this "Light" of which they speak? How many Paladins' souls must I drain to obtain it?

Flintlocke would be proud

What really grind my gears...

King of the Mountain, a very fun Daily. I almost don't hate this one.


The Lich King certainly has some powerful allies. Good thing I'm not carrying The Ring.

More Icecrown next week, got plenty more to go.



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