Friday, February 20, 2009

Sixth of the Sixth

Wait, what? Someone linked to me?

Yup, there's a game rotating around the blog community for everyone to post the sixth screenshot in their sixth folder. Byaghro over at Casual WoW tagged me. He's just jealous that my blog has a better name than his.

Here's the shot:

That's the cutscene from the Frostmourne Cavern quest.

Just for the fun of it, here's the sixth image in my blog folder, where I thrown any random images I come across that I think I can shoehorn into a post.

Now, just to prove that I'm not the dead end of the Internet, I can find 6 more people to tag that (hopefully) haven't been tagged by others.

miss elf


miss elf said...

Uh oh another tag! My last screenshot was horrible so I'll post a better one for your tag, I promise! I just need to wait 4 hours to load my SS folder, that's all ;).

Samodean said...

No worries. Thanks for stopping by.


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