Tuesday, February 3, 2009

T's Death Knight Guide 3-1: Blood Talent Builds

60/0/11 Leveling Build
This build is all about pumping out damage while staying topped off on health. It offers great survivability.
Rune Tap, Vendetta, Bloodworms and Improved Blood Presence all help keep you healed, letting Blood Gorged stay active pretty much all of the time.
Mark of Blood is a nice Panic Button for when you find yourself in trouble.

51/0/20 Group DPS Build
Standard straight-up group DPS Build. Honestly, neither Frost nor Unholy are terribly great for secondary trees, which is lame since Blood makes a great secondary tree.
Heart Strike and Dancing Rune Weapon are the core abilities of this spec.
Improved Death Strike and the change to Abomination's Might make Death Strike Blood's secondary attack in 3.1, instead of Obliterate.
Hysteria is an awesome buff. Be sure to use it as often as possible, and not necessarily on yourself. Just let the healer know.
Mark of Blood and Vampiric Blood don't really contribute much, but those 2 points really don't have anywhere better to go.

58/5/8 Tanking Build
Blood tanking got a pretty big boost in 3.1. I'm still not crazy about it, however.
Blade Barrier was altered to make it more steady, but it no longer has synergy with Spell Deflection
Subversion is still a good talent for the crit. The reduced threat does not apply to Frost Presence, which is what you should be using for tanking.
Vampiric Blood is a solid talent. When it expires, you only lose the initial health boost, not the additional gain from healing.

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Anonymous said...

this isn't 3.1 builds

Anonymous said...

these aren't 3.1 builds

Samodean said...

Well.. no. That's why this was posted in February. This is just chapter 3.1 of the guide. 3.1 builds will be up within the next week or two.


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