Tuesday, February 3, 2009

T's Death Knight Guide 2-2: Talented Spells


Rune Tap - In keeping with the purpose of Blood, a heal.
Mark of Blood - Honestly only useful for soloing. Easily dispelled in PVP and most bosses will be hitting for much more than 4% of the tank's HP.
Hysteria - Use this as often as possible on yourself. A Blood Knight's healing capabilities will offset much of the damage, with healers compensating for the rest.
Vampiric Blood - This makes tanking with Blood much easier. Since it lacks the mitigation of other specs, it's easier to end up in those dire moments after a lucky string of crits.
Heart Strike - Amazing damage, will replace Blood Strike in every rotation.
Dancing Rune Weapon - The whole point of Blood DPS. DRW will match not just your strikes, but any spells you cast, as well. It will also gain any buffs you do during its duration.


Lichborne - Great for avoiding CC in PVP, in addition to the usual Trinket. Just don't go up against any Priests or Paladins, since you're officially Undead.
Deathchill - Use this just before a Howling Blast while AOE tanking to make sure those mobs don't budge. Great for DPS, as well, but Frost already crits like crazy.
Hungering Cold - While this is a nice talent for tanking, I would not rely on it due to the cooldown. However, this is wonderful for PVP.
Unbreakable Armor - Every Frost Knight, tank or DPS, should be hitting this button every 2 minutes.
Frost Strike - This thing hits like a truck and bypasses armor, since it's Frost damage. I consider this the reason Frost Knights are the best spec for main tanking, since this attack is unavoidable.
Howling Blast - A fantastic skill. This is the staple attack of Frost Dual-Wield builds, since it is one of the few attacks that does not scale off weapon damage.


Corpse Explosion - Fun spell. Use it on your summoned Ghoul for massive damage.
Unholy Blight - Great AOE damage. Also nice DPS when Gargoyle is on cooldown. This follows you around, so great for rounding up mobs.
Anti-Magic Zone - Unholy Knights have the best spell defenses, and this only increases it. Unconfirmed by myself, but I believe the damage limit is shared if multiple people are in the zone. It will not absorb 10k per person.
Ghoul Frenzy - New talent in 3.1. Honestly, not that great for DPS. Using this will goof up your rotation for a small increase in Ghoul DPS. Best used if your pet really needs healing, or if you're in a situation where you are unable to attack.
Bone Shield - A great tanking talent, necessary for Unholy tanks. With the longer cooldown in 3.1, save this for when you know you're going to need it. With the buffs elsewhere, it's no longer vital to keep up 100% of the time. Nice for DPS, as well, keep this up for as much time as possible.
Scourge Strike - An Unholy Knight's primary attack.
Summon Gargoyle - Great damage and worth a point in any Unholy build.

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