Monday, June 29, 2009

Machinima Monday: Into Divinity

Oh boy, some of you are going to hate me for this.

Hardcore Casual presents... its first Aion Machinima.

A nicely edited video showing off some of the low-level gameplay available in the second Closed Beta event, which had a level cap of 10.


Symplexity said...

"Hardcore Casual presents its first Aion machinima" ??

what are you trying to say with that?
Would be nice to share credit to the real creator if you link stuff

Samodean said...

My apologies. All credits are in the video.

I merely meant it's the first one I've linked to. I post machinima videos every week, and have never claimed that they're mine.

If you look back in the archives, whenever possible I link to the creator's website, but you don't have one.

Again, I apologize if you feel I was attempting to take credit for any of your work, but that was never my intention.


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