Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Warrior 5

Weekend Warrior has returned. When I last left off, we were exploring Dragonblight, reliving forgotten memories of the Third War.

Another vision of the past

Muradin falls once more

There is a nice plot point at the end of this quest that I will not spoil.

This is actually very important, as I will explain later this week.

Dragonblight completed! On to... Howling Fjord? Once again, I will explain later.

Is that?

Ruh roh...

This is from the quest The Echo of Ymiron, in which you must venture to the spirit world to view events in the past. If you do a little exploring, you happen upon the Lich King who smites you, but not before delivering a nifty monologue. One line that jumped out at me was "Shamanism has brought you here... its scent permeates the air. I was once a Shaman."

Veeeeery interesting. This means that the Lich King is not just Arthas, but a true merging of Arthas and Ner'zhul, the former Orc Shaman who was the original Lich King and corrupted Arthas.

It won't work

This quest, It Goes to 11. (Spinal Tap FTW) I was unable to fire the harpoons until I logged out and turned off my addons.

Yes, this is as awesome as it looks

Level 75 reached, see you next week to finish up the Fjord.



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