Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Musings

  • Big respect to Sci Fi for bringing Gundam back to America. Now that Cartoon Network seems to be out of the anime business, it's nice to see sonebody breathing life back into it. Between this and Gurren Lagann, Sci Fi is becoming a force in American anime.
  • Maybe I'm a hungry guy, but the new McDouble doesn't satisfy me as much as the old Double Cheeseburger. Is one slice of cheese THAT much?
  • Seeing a Hellreaver with Minor Beastslayer? Funny. Seeing it on a Hunter? /facepalm
  • I'm a little disappointed with Confessor, Terry Goodkind's finale of the Sword of Truth series. I feel he wasted a couple hundred pages following the wrong characters while all the interesting stuff was happenning in the background. Way too many Deux ex Machina moments and a major plot point from earlier in the series left completely forgotten and unresolved.
  • However, Jim Butcher is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. I've blown through each of the Dresden Files novels in record time, and I'm voraciously devouring Captain's Fury, the fourth book in his brilliant Codex Alera series. The only other author I haven't been able to put down like this is Dan Brown.
  • I think the upcoming Hunter changes may be nerfing Hunter Utility too much, while NOT nerfing Hunter DPS enough.
  • Lots of good nerd movie trailers out there. Star Trek. Wolverine. Special. Fanboys. Hulk VS. WATCHMEN. Monsters vs Aliens.
  • And then there's Dragonball...



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