Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quest Reading FAIL

This post chronicles the FAIL of Denarian member "Junior" as he recounted it to me. Sadly, he did not have the forethought to take screenshots of his FAIL.

Junior was in Dragonblight, working on the quest That Which Creates Can Also Destroy for the Wyrmrest Accord. He makes his way over to the Northeastern corner of the map to engage Overseer Deathgaze. Junior realizes that Deathgaze is a level 74 Elite. He checks his questlog to make sure that this is NOT a group quest. Seeing that the quest is indeed listed as a solo quest, he assumes the Elite must be soloable. Using every trick at his disposal, he barely scrapes through the fight and kills the Overseer.

He did not receive credit for the kill.

"Hmm... perhaps someone else tagged him."

Junior waits for the respawn, and manages to defeat the Overseer again.

No kill credit.

"Okay... there's a Paladin farming here, he MUST have tagged it again with Consecrate. Jerk."

For a THIRD time, Junior makes absolutely sure he has claimed the Overseer and for the THIRD time, he barely escapes intact.

Overseer Deathgaze slain: 0/1

"[1:General] Junior: Is the quest [74]That Which Creates Can Also Destroy bugged?"
"[1:General] SomeGuy: Nope, I had no problem with it"

At this point, Junior submits a GM Ticket, confident that SOMETHING must be hosed up. The GM quickly responds and Junior recounts his experience.

"Did you read the quest?"


Allow me to point out a line of the quest text: "While the seeds would outright destroy one of the lesser Scourge, they will greatly weaken these three. Enough so, in fact, that you should be able to handle them on your own."

The questgiver gives you three seeds which you must use to weaken and kill the three Elites in question. Upon realizing his noobishness, Junior uses the seed and mops the floor with Deathgaze.

Weakened Overseer Deathgaze slain: 1/1

Congratulations, Junior, you are Hardcore Casual's first FAIL!

(A quick recognition to Junior for agreeing to let me post his story. Of course, he was sure to ask if I'd use his real character name. No worries, I never do that without permission.)


Bunnyfer said...

LOL, yeah I have done that before, honestly more often than I would like to admit, though I have not opened a GM ticket about it..LOL, I usually look it up on WoWhead.


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