Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend Warrior 4

That, children, is the word of the day.


Continuing into Dragonblight!

The Warlock version of Mirror Image

This is from the quest Mystery of the Infinite. In this quest, you summon a level 80 version of yourself from the future to fight by your side. Some funny dialog is shared. Good stuff, Bliz. Also, there is a level 80 version of this quest where you must go back in time to assist yourself.

Watch your hands, buddy

Flight of the Wintergarde Defender. I hate this quest. I'm sure the continuing Comcast lag didn't help, but this quest is a pain without it. You must fly around and pick up villagers. No problem, right? Well.. they're running around like idiots and you have to stay still while you cast the pickup spell. They usually run out of rage while you're doing this. Also, with the lag, they kept dropping off the back of my gryphon. The best advice I can give is to control your flight with your mouse and use they keyboard for casting. Not all players are used to this, so practice.

I have no idea



Dragonblight is awesome.


An End and a Beginning. Nearing the end of a long questline. This Lich is about to rock everyone, until help shows up. No I'm not saying who. Although, it is nice to see old-world characters showing up. To put it simply: we know who this Lich is.



This is where the eipcness comes in. I'm sure most know what happens at this point. However, I will not ruin it for those that have not.

And there's even more EPIC to follow this event.

This can't end well

The Truth Shall Set Us Free. Very nice quest for those who know Warcraft III lore. I know there's more to this questline with some awesome story points, but I will get to that next time.

Level 74 reached, Dalaran is awesome. Weekend Warrior will return in 2 weeks!



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