Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Can Be Seductive

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Yesterday Fulguralis posted a great Affliction Pet Guide, in which he states that he has "very little use" for the Succubus' Crowd Control spell, Seduction.

I happen to be an excellent Seducer, as thousands of ladies around the world can confirm. You think it's a coincidence that many of my most faithful readers are female?

What were we talking about? Right, Seduction.

The confusing thing about the spell is that it has a cast time of 1.5 seconds and THEN is channeled. This makes the skill a little hard to pull off. Here's my strategy:

This only pertains to PVE.

Step 1: Focus your target.

Right-click its portrait, type "/focus" while targeting the mob, or just use a macro.

Now, my Nazverre is a fragile little thing. She hates breaking nails. So, I want to keep the enemy away from her.

Step 2: Cast Searing Pain on the target.

Just one should do. You want the tank to be able to get the enemy off you when it's time comes up in the kill order.

This is doubly effective as it makes it very obvious when the Seduction breaks, as the enemy will be pounding on you. Make sure you're able to take a few hits when using this tactic.

You may also want to drop a Curse of Elements on the mob, just in case.

Step 3: Pull the enemy to a safe location.

You don't want damage from the battle to break your Seduction early, so pull the mob out of the way. If it's a caster, make sure to use line-of-sight to your advantage. Practice.

This is where my experience as an old-school Hunter comes in handy. Back in my day, Freezing Trap could only be used outside of combat, so you had to get it right the first try. Freezing Arrow? Please.

Step 4: Seduce!

Seduce the Focused mob. This way, you can continue DPSing the main target. You're probably going to want a macro for this.

Step 5: Recast Seduction as necessary.

Again, if you used Searing Pain, you'll know when this happens.

Seduction uses 24% of the Succubus' base mana. Basically, count on getting 4 off before she's spent. At 15 second a piece, that's over 60 seconds of CC, taking into account recast times. Sure, CC isn't as useful as it was back in the old days, but it's nice to have this trick up your sleeve. Your groups will be amazed that you can do something very few other Warlocks can.

I'm leaving the macro part out because, honestly, I'm terrible at them. I have some lame-functional thing that I use, but it's too embarrassing to post publicly.


latusthegoat said...

Also, if you have your target focused you will be able to see the time left on the seduce. Perfect time to recast it is when you see 2 seconds left. Then it's an almost flawless transition instead of letting the mob get to you... some mobs hit hard. :/

2 seconds: recast
1.5 seconds: seduction breaks BECAUSE succy starts channeling
0 seconds: mob barely moved and he's seduced again

Waiting until it breaks is a bit more painful as we have...

0 seconds: seduction breaks
2 seconds: you notice and recast
2.5 seconds: succy starts channeling
4 seconds: seduced again

I gave a generous 2 seconds to notice the mob running at you like a raging bull, but really the point I'm making is that by letting it run out instead of recasting just before it does creates more time for the mob to run around loose.

Samodean said...

That's great advice!

Thanks for the contribution.

Syrana said...


That's all I have to contribute.



Handy lil' guide. Glad someone can control her and not the other way around. >.>


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