Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mission Successful!

Born of a joke, a stroke of inspiration and a complete underestimation of the time required, a brilliant idea was created many weeks ago.

A little over a month ago, 10 brave blog authors set off in a bold new direction.

Four weeks later, on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009, we were successful.

That idea, that experience, that journey was Create Your Own Azeroth, our multi-blog, cross-community, WoW-themed Choose Your Own Adventure story.

While CYOA may have been my baby, I could not have done it without the help of 9 other fantastic authors. Well, I could have, but then I'd have far less time to not update my Death Knight Guide.

For those who did not follow the story (Shame on you! Go!) I would like to praise those other 9:

Byaghro of Casual WoW, for helping inspire the event.
Syrana of Sideshow and Syrana, for being our greatest motivator.
Jaramon of, for having the courage to kill our poor character early.
Fulguralis of Killing 'em Slowly, for signing up almost immediately, allowing me to believe this crazy idea could actually work.
Skipper from WoW Druid, for coming aboard late in the game and still delivering, when others had decided not to.
Creep from Creeping..., for NOT killing Corrigan when everyone else did.
Grimtorn of Me and my Ghoul, for having the flat-out coolest looking site of the group.
Snug from Circumspect Snug, for having the most difficult choice to end any chapter.
Ithiel from WoW FailBlog, for being the only author to sign up mid-story.

Also special recognition to:

Llanion from Mad Cow Chronicles, for being the unwitting inspiration for all this.
Kim from World of Warcraft Wanderings, for being our biggest supporter.
All the friends, coworkers and guildmates who helped convince me I could actually pull this thing off.

Thank you, everyone, I could not, WE could not, have done it without you.

Keep your eyes on your feed readers, for we will return with more stories.

However, if you or anyone you know would like to participate, PLEASE sign up! In order for our story to grow more epic, we need more authors.


Fulguralis said...

Awww. TY. And great idea!

Kimberly said...

Thanks! I had a great time going through it, even though I - er - Corrigan ended up dead.


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