Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Warrior 17

It's been a while since I posted a Weekend Warrior. Last time, we were helping Tirion Fordring hunt down Arthas' weakness.

He seems smaller

Although, he DOES bear a striking resemblance to a certain handsome fellow.

I don't remember Illidan showing up this much

Seriously, Arthas is popping up EVERYWHERE. While it's awesome that we get to see this major villain doing his business, it kind of loses its effect after a while. That being said, this is an AWESOME scene. It also proves one of my lore theories impossible.

And..... that's about it for progress. A pretty simple weekend.

Time for some more accomplishments, though!

Dagger of Lunar Purity, from the Argent Tournament. Yup, Welfare Epics for me. This thing is awesome and I dropped an Exceptional Spellpower on it. That glow was MADE for this weapon model. Self-buffed, my Spellpower is almost 1900, nice!

For the Hordies out there, the equivalent is Scalpel of the Royal Apothecary.

Magnificent Flying Carpet. Whee!

And, just for fun:

I rode around like that for quite a while. I even kept standing while Jousting.



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