Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pre-Wrath Blues

Perhaps a brutal work schedule had something to do with it, but I seem to be suffering from an extreme case of Pre-Expansion Apathy.

It occurred to me Saturday night, after a fantastic day of Shaman leveling. I brought in truckloads of experience in a short period of time, flying through the rest of Terokkar. At the end of the day, I was only halfway through 67. Mind you, I was only 64 two weeks ago. 3 1/2 levels in around 12 hours of playtime is pretty good by my standards.

But what did it mean? what sort of epiphany did it bring about? With my schedule, no matter how well I play, how much I'm on my game, Haddar and Ullic have no chance of reaching 70 before Wrath hits.

Hey, that's why I have other characters, though! Well, Sam the Warlock is "complete" for me until Thursday. And, well, I just don't feel like playing my Hunter. He's currently 4th on my list as far as enjoyment is concerned. Once the expansion launches, he'll probably be the last character to hit Northrend, even after my planned Death Nugget.


Then again, perhaps this can be good for me. Taking a little time off will energize me. Thursday will be a day I can look forward to because I can "start playing again." It will be very refreshing to be able to do something new for the first time in 2 years.



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