Monday, November 17, 2008

Wrath Weekend Warrior Part 1

Welcome to Wrath Weekend Warrior, a series of posts chronilcing my Warlock, Samodean's journey through Northrend.

Sam started off taking the boat from Stormwind to Valiance Keep in the Borean Tundra. The town is laid out nicely, very simple and compact, which I love. Borean Tundra is flat-out beautiful. THIS is the reason you're not allowed to fly yet. Stop complaining and enjoy the scenery that you just spent $40 (or more) on.

Hit up the Profession trainers, bought some new skills... and promptly ran out of money. Mind you, Sam never really did dailies. He had a small amount of gold leftover from his Inscription profits after sending most of it to alts. But ouch! 37G to train a new rank of Tailoring? 5G for each recipe? I'm not complaining, it's affordable, but PAY ATTENTION.

Speaking of Tailoring, get Northrend Cloth Scavenging ASAP. Cloth is VERY hard to come by out here.

Also Tailoring-related, the introductory Northrend set, Frostwoven, is almost as good as my now-nerfed FSW set. It appears to be similar with other professions. The starting greens are almost as good as the BC crafted epic sets.

Before leaving the Keep, one final Warlock tip, specifically Affliction specs. In the quest The Hunt is On, you are required to find and kill a Cultist spy in the prison. After talking to him, and before he aggroes, back out into the hallway. If you fight him in the prison, the other guards will help out. If they deal more damage than you do, you will not get credit for the kill. Since Affliction Warlocks take a few seconds to ramp up the damage, this is very hard to do.

Moving on to the rest of the Tundra, one quick request:


Not for myself, but for all these other noob-tards who can't read a freaking quest to save their lives. Look at the quest Plug the Sinkholes. The quest text CLEARY states "Take these explosives and place them at the entrance to the sinkholes up on the ridge beyond the beach to the west." Look to the West, cross the sand, there's a ramp RIGHT THERE, climb it, Sinkholes! Apparently, this is entirely too complicated for the average idiot to comprehend. Every 2 minutes, someone was asking "Where are the sinkholes?" Can someone give coords for the sinkholes?" "I can't find the sinkholes, someone who knows where they are please invite." Of course, they were far less grammatically correct.

Anyway, moving into the Tundra, the mist effect in Riplash Strand is cool, and a nice example of Blizzard's new Phasing technology. Thos outside the mist can't see anything inside of it and vice-versa.

Don't walk into the DEHTA camp while covered in Animal Blood. An unlucky Hunter I know will attest to that.

Speaking of the DEHTA camp...

Burn you lazy freaking Dwarf! Go hunt the 500 animals on your own!

The Murloc quests are a must. The baby Murlocs are so sickeningly cute, they even warmed this Warlock's cold heart. It will also be the only chance most of us have to see the Murloc Dance.

Level 71 reached, and I will leave you with that image.



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