Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wrath Weekend Warrior, Part 2

Sam has completed most of Borean Tundra, earning the Nothing Boring in Borean achievement.

I hope I don't look appetizing

SamTip: If there's several people all trying to do Springing the Trap, just come back later. Even if you win the flare-spam competition, you still may not complete the quest. If you land while someone else is still going through the closing scene, you will not trigger the event yourself, and will have to go back and try again.


Oh **** me

Nothing makes an adventurer's heart sink like seeing a Gnome town come over the horizon. Sure, you'll get some fun quests, but there's sure to be some that will make you tear out your hair. These freeloaders don't even have a home any more, and yet they still send you on the most useless tasks.

That being said, Re-Cursive is cool. Love the name, and the Gnome lore is nifty. Sure, the freaking Gnomes don't believe that Gearmaster Mechazod was created by the Ancients, but I like to think he was. The Dwarves were forged from Stone and Iron, why can't the Gnomes be descendents of a mechanical race?


Ugliest. Hat. Ever.
Thankfully, I replaced it shortly.

Requires Engineering 750

I've seen bigger

SamTip: Hah... You're Not So Big Now! is kinda bugged. The Blaster has a 3-second channeling time. However, the item actually takes 4 seconds to cast. So, even after the casting bar is done, don't break the channel until you see the debuff on the Magnataur.

Next week: Dragonblight!



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