Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wrath Day 1: Redemption

Death Knights rule.

Started a Dwarf Death Knight today, Tarmr. Completed the DK starting area and questlines. Very fun. Even if you have no intention of playing one, at least roll one to do these quests.

I'll be leveling him as Frost, more info on that once I hit Outland.

First, however, I need to work on Professions. He's a gatherer, with Skinning and Herbalism. Getting him to 70 will be a priority since he'll be supplying Sam's herbs for Inscription.

I thought I had some screenshots, but my computer ate them, apparently.

O pitiful shadow lost in darkness...
Demeaning and bringing harm to others...
A damned soul, wallowing in sin...
Care to give death a try?

-Ai, Hell Girl



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