Saturday, March 14, 2009

Nerd Loot: Marvel Transformers

I know the quality stinks, these pictures were taken with my phone.

Avengers Assemble!

For a closer look, here are our heroes:

Iron Man


Captain America

I saw these figures last year. While I thought they were cool, I never really considered picking them up. Wave 1 consisted of Iron Man, Hulk, Spiderman and Venom. Wave 2 was Human Torch, Wolverine, Grey Hulk (Repaint) and Black Spiderman (repaint). Then Wave 3 dropped a few weeks ago and I was in. Thor, Captain America, Carnage (repaint) and War Machine (repaint, but still called iron Man for some reason). Thor is one of my favorite heroes and how can you NOT have Cap? Then of course, I had to complete the Big Three with Iron Man from Wave 1.

Iron Man

A great vehicle mode. If someone handed this to me and not told me it was a Transformer, I might not have guessed. A bit of a backpack on the robot mode with the wings, but not very noticeable. I would have liked a way to hide the cockpit, however. Aside from that, a very accurate representation.


So much to say about this figure. The vehicle DESIGN is nice. The A-10 "Thunderbolt" was a great choice. Of course, the gattling gun mounted under the nose is nicknamed "The Avenger." The way the legs and knees form the jets and rear stabilizers is well executed. However, the coloring is horrendous. In robot mode, the knee pads are a bit awkward. And the cape... yikes. It doesn't join together and instead creates "wings." The cape hangs over the shoulders and, while accurate to the character, make the arm movement very restrictive. Additionally, there is wonderful detail in the molding that is completely lost due to the poor paint job. Very disappointing, but he's my favorite character and I HAVE to have him with the other two.

Captain America

This guy is just a thousand kinds of awesome. The only complaint I have is the arms can be a bit difficult. Left forward, they just dangle, but pushed back and "locked" the shoulders hit the wheels, severely limiting mobility. Aside from that, simply amazing.

I'm definitely looking forward to future releases from this line. It's vastly superior to the Star Wars crossover. All the figures are solid with excellent posability. Some, like Venom are a bit awkward, but Hulk is a great figure that I may pick up if I decide to expand. I would love to see a Doctor Doom or some other X-Men in future Waves.



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