Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sam's Stupid Name Award: March 2009

I was so impressed by a character I passed by this weekend, I had to start an entire series of awards just to show how epically FAIL he was.

This is a triple fail!

1: Naming your character "Juggernaut." Come on, at least TRY to be original.

2: Realizing "Juggernaut" was taken, you decided to go with the brilliant idea to call yourself "Thejuggernaut." Your creativity is astounding.

3: Being completely oblivious to the fact that WoW limits character names to 12 characters.

Congratulations, Thejuggernau, you are the first ever recipient of Sam's Stupid Name Award!


MomentEye said...

Clearly a reference to Mike "The Jug" Gernau.

Doesn't anybody watch professional water carrying these days?


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