Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Warrior 13

Here we go, finishing up Storm Peaks!

Freaking Goblins...

Brann Bronzebeard, brother of King Magni Bronzebeard

This is a nifty little chain, similar to Archmage Vargoth's questline in Netherstorm.

I love Mechagnomes

Since I first saw them in Borean Tundra, I have loved this bit of lore. While it's cool to see the origins of Humans and Dwarves in Wrath, the Gnomish history is a great story that deserves more.


How do you kill THAT thing?

Why, with this of course!

Err... this!

Okay, I'll give a bit of strategy for this quest, The Iron Colossus. Some Denarian members have had difficulty, but I found it rather easy. The catch to this quest is you can only move while underground, and only attack above. Grab your worm and find the big guy. Get right up in his face and spam your two attack skills. It is imperative that you keep a 5 stack of the acid on, as it will be the majority of your damage in this fight. However, don't ignore your strike. Just sit there and soak up the hits until he starts to pound the ground. Then, submerge and move behind him. The burrow skill takes a second to activate, so be sure to hit it ASAP and DON'T hit it again thinking it didn't work. You have a small window to act in and you do NOT want to get hit by this attack. Once behind, emerge from the ground and continue attacking until his next pound. As long as you avoid his pounds, this is a easy win.

Now kill THIS


Fervor of the Frostborn. This one is a little easier. Just throw the hammer and run like hell. The stun will wear off before the cooldown is up, so you want some space. After a couple throws, he'll go down.


How did a pink-skinned Dwarf become King of the Frostborn? Yet another awesomely epic questline will reveal this.

Yet another unique combat experience

Now, lots of accomplishments to show off this week!

This gets me Ancestral Sinew Wristguards. Still gotta get to Exalted...

Next week we finally set foot in the dreaded Icecrown...



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