Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Warrior 12

This week, we start on Storm Peaks.

Whoa... deja vu

Mystery of the Infinite, Redux, the followup to Mystery of the Infinite, which I covered way back in Weekend Warrior 4.

Nozdormu makes an appearance


I was too excited when I got this to actually capture the achievement. This was fun. Please note that the mines don't do much damage, but 15 of them will add up.

Not even I can make this look good

Mildred the Cruel, part of an enormously long questline. This line is even longer than the Wrathgate sequence, I believe. It starts with They Took Our Men! in K3.

Poor horse

This disguise has some humorous moments.

This is as awesome as it looks

Yes, I'm engaged in combat, on the back of a freaking drake, several thousand feet above ground.

My reward?

A husband?

Thorim, the sworn protector of Ulduar. After the death of his wife, he turned on his allies the Ice Giants and let his brother, Loken, the true murderer, take control. Now, you must continue this questline to bring justice to Loken. First up, is regaining the trust of the giants.

The Helm of Hodir

And now to take down Loken.

I've got backup

Loken's Lackeys. These guys are awesome. Of course, not all goes according to plan and we ONCE AGAIN end up doing exactly what the Bad Guys wanted us to. You finally get your hands on Loken in Halls of Lightning. However, poor Thorim is now in the Ulduar raid instance as a boss.

Please note the parallels between this story of Thorim and Loken and the Norse myths of Thor and Loki. Awesome work, Bliz.


Creep said...

Too cool! That's awesome they worked Loki in. :D

Kimberly said...

Nice post!

"Of course, not all goes according to plan and we ONCE AGAIN end up doing exactly what the Bad Guys wanted us to. "

After all of that work, I was completely gobsmacked when the ending turned out as it did.

Samodean said...

Glad to see I wasn't the only one. With my love of Norse mythology, I can't believe I didn't see that coming.

And welcome my corner of the internet, Kim!


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